How the RSS Feed works

April 15, 2013 Adele Recent

If you have been using the internet for some time and you have been visiting several websites, you must have come across something called the Rss Feed. This simply refers to the Rich Site Summary (RSS) and is a combination of formats for web feeds. These web feeds are important for websites that need to have their sites updated on a regular basis. Websites that deal in news, blogs, video or any such information that requires constant updates will use these feeds to keep their visitors up to date. This feed usually has a summary of all the relevant text along with some authorship and the date when the document was published.
The Rss Feed is important for a publisher because it gives them the chance to automatically have their content syndicated. The information can be put up or published just once and then it can have several views over time. Readers who are keen to keep updated about what is going on with the website will subscribe to these updates that come regularly. All they need to do is have the feeds of their favorite websites subscribed to and then they will be informed and updated at all times.
To be able to have these feeds working well, one will need software in form of the RSS Reader to help them understand these feeds better. The user will simply click on an icon of the feed and then the subscription will be made. The Reader will then regularly check the feeds that the user has subscribed to and they will have any updates downloaded on a regular basis. The user will then have a good platform to view and monitor all their feeds. These feeds are quite helpful because they will help a user to go through so many sites by simply following the feeds. This means that you will not necessarily have to look through all the various websites but simply use the Rss feed.

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