Java apps face more performance issues, study finds

December 14, 2010 Radella Recent

In a recent study related to software quality issues, the major incidences of performance issues appear to be related to Java, although also figures in the Cast study report, ‘Application Software Health’. The having put around 745 applications by 160 companies under the scanner for security, performance, changeability, transferability, uptime etc. in quantitative terms, has pinpointed some lacunae in Java due its to low performance scores. Having examined about 340 Java applications along with other technologies such as C++, Oracle, .Net, VB etc. The report has also pointed out the high cost ($5/ code line for Java against $3.6 for other competing technologies), security realm, interaction with server and mainframe based apps etc. in which Java appears to have scored low. This has created a furore among Java enthusiasts as well as critics alike.

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