RSS Readers

List of some good and free RSS Readers

  • Google Reader
  • My Yahoo Reader
  • Omea Reader
  • Awasu Personal Edition
  • RSS Bandit
  • Squeet
  • intraVnews
  • SharpReader
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • BlogExpress
  • Attensa Online
  • NewsFire
  • Bloglines
  • Newsgator

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Devops: IT’s latest paper tiger

Devops entails the process of development combined with IT operations i.e., dev+ops = devops. However, the term itself has been around for decades now in the context of aligning IT operations with business, a concept that never could takeoff. Hence, there is widespread skepticism about this new gimmick of Devops among professionals and critics alike. The concept in its latest avatar devolves on IT developers and ops personnel getting cross Read More… | Copyright © 2018 | All rights reserved worldwide.