AJAX FRAMEWORK – How to install

There are different programming languages like asp.net, java, html, css etc. They are used in the development of web pages. If you want to use asp.net and do coding in it, you must be familiar with Ajax framework. Ajax stands for ‘Asynchronous JavaScript+CSS+DOM+XMLHttpRequest’. So by using Ajax you can work and do programming in all these languages together. Ajax Framework will help you create your own websites quickly and efficiently.

There is an Ajax toolkit that you use while designing using Ajax and asp.net. It gives you multiple controls and options to add stuff to your webpage. It’s simply easy to install the toolkit and you need to follow some steps for a successful installation.

Once you have installed it you can start using it if you have the complete knowledge of how to build web pages. If you are not a computer expert obviously the task will seem difficult for you and you might not be able to install it correctly. However by following the mentioned steps, you can easily complete installation procedure.


• Download the latest version of the toolkit from the Internet. Make sure that you are downloading the correct file. It will be downloaded as a zipped folder.
• Extract the folder to your specified destination drive.
• Open the visual studio from your desktop. Open file and create a new website. Open “default.aspx”.
• Name the tool box as Ajax tool kit. Right click on the tool box for the rename option. In the “choose items” options, select Browse and locate your ajaxtoolkit folder. There you will find a dll file named “AjaxControlToolkit.dll”. Select it and then choose the toolbox items that you want to use. Click Ok to finish and close it. Now your toolbox is ready and you can use it and work to add many controls on your webpage.

This was some information about Ajax framework.