The 5 Best Java Blogs of 2021

Java blogs

Java is a highly versatile programming language that has a plethora of applications such as webpages, mobile phones, gaming consoles, computers, televisions, etc. Java extends through all realms of technology, making it an integral part of technological development as time goes on. Since the software is free-to-download, free-to-use, and open source, it has accumulated an enormous user base. Considering the wide usage of Java, the programmers who make use of the language are constantly perfecting and honing their skills through online help. This help can come in many forms, but the most utilized source is undoubtedly Java blogs. These are blogs run by teachers and savants of the programming language who look to educate the masses with daily tips and educational articles on Java and JavaScript.
However, among the many Java blogs available on the internet, some are outdated, abandoned, or non-Java-centric. That’s why we have gathered a list of the best Java programming blogs that are informative and fun to read.

Java Code Geeks

Java Code Geeks is an online community of Java enthusiasts set to shed light on the variety of uses of the programming language. The website covers all bases as it posts an article each day while also providing tutorials, courses, and code examples to facilitate programmers of all levels. The blog also categorizes Java into three sections; Core, Desktop, and Enterprise Java. Java Code Geeks seeks to create a Java to Java developers resource center to enable programmers to learn and apply different techniques.

Oracle blog

Java was developed by James Gosling in the 90s and was later acquired by Oracle Corporation. Now what better source to run a Java blog if not the company that maintains the programming language. That’s right! Oracle runs its very own blog on Java that gets updated with new articles, announcements, tutorials, and updates very frequently. These posts are written by seasoned professionals in the field of Java programming, as well as employees of the company. The articles posted are concise and to-the-point (often with an estimated read time provided with each article), meaning they do not take too much time off the hands of programmers looking for exact information. The Oracle Java blog is an excellent Java blog that is a must-follow for anyone looking to sharpen their skills in the language


The next highly rated java blog that we would recommend is Baeldung. This blog is focused almost solely on Java and Java-related content. The website is easy to navigate and provides updates and courses on the programming languages and their integration with other frameworks. For those interested in studying the integration of REST APIs with the Spring framework within the scope of Java, Baeldung provides in-depth articles and guides on the topic. Articles and blog posts are posted daily to keep the avid Java user informed with the latest information in the Java ecosystem.


The jOOQ blog focuses primarily on three things; Java, SQL, and jOOQ. The articles on the blog themselves go up infrequently, but the website has, as of date, accumulated so many important articles that they are enough to keep you occupied while the new stuff comes in. There are articles dated as far back as 2011, so it goes without saying that the website is well-established and well-maintained. The blog features guides and tutorials to help programmers get a better grasp of Java. Additionally, the blog covers different nuances and issues faced by programmers when using Java. The inclusion of SQL and jOOQ within the same java-centric blog allows for readers to dip their toes in other similar languages and software to enhance their learning.


TheServerSide is a revered Java blog that places its focus on enterprise Java development. The website offers a mix of announcements, updates, guides, and how-to’s to keep the reader informed about what is going on in the Java space. To add to the content, the blog writers give their professional perspective and opinion on comparisons between two similar alternatives. In order to encourage discussion among Java programmers and enthusiasts, the website hosts discussion forums where programmers of all levels can come together as a community and hold discussions about Java. TheServerSide promises to offer fresh, unbiased content that will keep you in the know about everything Java.