Learn About AJAX

AJAX is an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML. Ajax is a framework used in web application development that allows web developers to come up with web pages that can request web services and server pages.

The framework is a collection of technologies used in building dynamic web pages on the client side and works on all browsers. The framework works by reading or sending data from the server using JavaScript requests without interrupting the current page.

Some processing of requests such as searching data and saving data may be required on the server side. To achieve this more easily, it is best to use a framework dedicated to processing AJAX requests.

Frameworks on the server side to handle the requests may include CJAX Framework and a browser on the client side. It is works like traditional software even though it uses a less resources than a software.

The AJAX framework has four types;

1. Direct AJAX frameworks

This framework needs CSS, HTML and AJAX know how. The developer makes the HTML pages with the framework API’s directly, the framework interacts directly with the HTML elements. The cross-browser APIs of this types of frameworks are used for altering the graphic loaded elements,
communications, event handling, and DOM manipulation.

2. Indirect AJAX frameworks

This type of frameworks are based on compiler technology. Coding is done at high-level language thereafter changed to JavaScript it comes directly under the category of AJAX framework. High-level languages such as HTML and CSS expertise is needed instead of AJAX or JavaScript.

3. AJAX component frameworks

These type of frameworks offer pre-existing components which automatically generate and manage their own HTML. They are created using JavaScript or HTML or with XML tags. They are bulky and intended for web applications.

4. Server-drive Frameworks

In this framework, components developed and manipulated on the server side. Pages are rendered by both server-side and client-side through HTML creation and manipulation. The user actions are communicated using AJAX techniques.