Why RSS Feeds Are So Helpful

So you are hopping from article to article looking for new information that you thought would now be updated on those websites; however, you find no fresh content. This takes up your time. RSS specifically to avoid this from happening. There are alternatives to checking a website or multiple websites daily for fresh content that come in newsletters and following the social media pages of said sites. However, there are also problems with this. Newsletters often feel invasive and pesky or tend to get thrown into the spam folder, meaning you miss those updates completely. Additionally, following the socials of a site does not guarantee that they will post all their important updates there


Say you are a video game enthusiast and are waiting for updates on a game that is set to be released soon. Constantly having to check each video game reporting site can be tedious. Instead, you can make use of an RSS Feed


What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Through this method, you can essentially create a customizable dashboard for you to get important updates from websites of your choice. The information is taken in by the user’s  Feed Reader, which then converts the latest updates into an easy-to-read format. The files are in XML format and are easy to read by the RSS Feed Reader hence allowing fluidity in the process of posting updates.
The content distribution in the Feed is in real-time, meaning the updates and announcements will automatically be placed in chronological order. The updates are featured in the form of headlines and summaries with links back to the main articles.

How Does It Actually Work?

An RSS Aggregator is the key behind making Really Simple Syndication work. The aggregator does a wide scan of the suggested and subscribed sites and pushes that content through the RSS feed reader. To make things easier for the user, the aggregator tracks the content you have and have not read and sieves content displayed to you accordingly. This ensures that all the content you receive is relevant to you


Adding Websites to Your RSS Feed Reader

As time goes on, more and more websites adopt the use of RSS. When you want to add a website to your reader, look for a small orange icon with “RSS” or “XML” written alongside it



RSS Feeds can be categorized and customized to your liking. An example would be subscribing to several sports blogs and classifying them in a folder titled “Sports”. This customizability, along with the swift nature of data retrieval through the Really Simple Syndication aggregator, gives instant access to fresh content and saves loads of time for the average user.

Why Should You Use RSS?


Subscribing to newsletters requires you to give your email address to the website, which some people can be apprehensive of. As an alternative, RSS is a safe and secure method of receiving the same information without providing any information

Slow Internet Speeds

For those who suffer from slow connection speeds, loading multiple articles can prove to be quite a challenge. RSS Feeds, on the other hand, can manage to provide the same quality of updates even on a slower internet connection.

Regularly Visit Blogs

Regular blog readers can benefit greatly from RSS Feeds since the information within the article is summarized in the feed, so you can sift through the suggestions and choose what you want to read without having to visit multiple web pages



Best Free RSS Feed Readers of 2021

  •   Feedly is the most common and well-liked feed reader app
  •  TheOldReader is great for sharing suggestions and recommendations
  • NewsBlur  is a great free RSS Feed Reader for filtering your feed
  • RSS Feed Reader Extension for Chrome  is a beneficial add-on since it is an extension for chrome and works on the browser itself instead of a separate app