Devops: IT’s latest paper tiger

Devops entails the process of development combined with IT operations i.e., dev+ops = devops. However, the term itself has been around for decades now in the context of aligning IT operations with business, a concept that never could takeoff.

Hence, there is widespread skepticism about this new gimmick of Devops among professionals and critics alike. The concept in its latest avatar devolves on IT developers and ops personnel getting cross training in each areas of IT, instead of trying to pass the buck when something goes amiss.

However, even this has opponents who point out that despite having some personnel with cross training the major work force will continue to be divided into developers and ops people or software as a service and platform as a service protagonists.

Notwithstanding the doubts and confusion about the role, some of the professional vendors are already in the fray with offers of Devops solutions. The role this renewed concept or format is likely to play in the IT business is still uncertain so far and is presently one of the hot topics going around and the implications are anyone’s guess as it stands.