RSS Feed – Innovative tool to stay updated

If you want to stay informed on what s going around you then why not get some updates live while using the internet. It would be great if you are able to keep a track of what is going around you. Everyone wants to stay updated these days. The current scenario around you might change abruptly.

So you need to be well informed. Whether it is a small technology advance or some major political trend around you, you need to keep yourself in pace with the rapidly moving time. For this purpose we are introducing you to the concept of RSS Feed. You can subscribe to it and it will let you know all that is in the head lines that you missed or any latest gossip about your famous celebrity.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. When you subscribe to the RSS Feed you will get all the updates in time about your favorite topic that you have selected. The RSS Feed can be some video update or link of some latest pictures regarding any development about your topic or they can comprise of merely text.

The question arises that how can you subscribe to RSS Feed. Well it is simple and you need to follow some basic steps. Open the website that you want updates from. Check if the website has RSS Feeds option available, if yes simply subscribe to them.

But all the websites do not have RSS Feed option. The RSS icon shows you that you can click on it and it takes you to the RSS website from here you can enter your details and become a subscriber. You may need to install some kind of news reader too. So this was some information about RSS Feeds. I am sure you would have found this article helpful